Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms Vol. 5

Rating: 7/10
Sound Quality: 320 kb/s
Format: Mp3
Record Label: Rare Groove
Year Released: 2001
Album Covers: Included
Pass: radiodada


Anonymous said...

Hey man, great great collection. But the link of the Vol.5 is not working. Please fix it because i want the complete collection.

You're doing a great work, these world unknown music is incredible. congratulations


Radiodada said...

Thnx Stedv for your comments.
You 're very kind.
The link is fixed.

Hope to enjoy listening...

Anonymous said...

Hi radiodada. You're faster than the speed of light. I'm just downloading the vol.5 Thanks for this great collection.

In the course of the days I will continue checking out your blog. I've seen interesting things out there. Continue that way.


Anonymous said...

great, thanks

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