Sunday, December 21, 2008


Amore Del Tropico - The Black Heart Procession

: 8.5/10
Sound Quality: 320 kb/s
Format: Mp3
Record Label: Touch & Go Records
Year Released:
Album Covers: Included
Pass: radiodada
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Note From Dada!
Όταν πριν από περίπου 6 χρόνια "παρέλασαν" στα αυτιά μου ετούτες οι καρδιές - οι μαύρες, οι κατράμι, οι "ταμ ταμ ταμ" - κάθε άλλο παρά "μαυρίλα" μου φέρανε, καθώς ήταν μια όαση για τα μουσικά δεδομένα της εποχής. Ναι μεν ένα "σκοτεινό" και εσωστρεφές δισκάκι, σίγουρα όμως ένα από τα πιο ολοκληρωμένα και ωραία album του είδους αλλά και της ίδιας της μπάντας.

About The Black Heart Procession
The Black Heart Procession (occasionally spelled The Blackheart Procession) is an indie rock band from San Diego, California. The band was formed in 1997 by Pall Jenkins (member of Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects and the short-lived Ugly Casanova) and Tobias Nathaniel (both members of the band Three Mile Pilot). The group is often augmented by the contributions of Mario Rubalcaba, Jason Crane, Joe Plummer, Dimitri Dziensuwski and Jimmy LaValle. The band are set to return in late 2008 with appearances at the UK All Tomorrow's Parties festival, where they were invited to perform by curators the Melvins, and with European dates including London.


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