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Cachaito - Orlando Cachaito Lopez

Rating: 5.5/10 
Sound Quality: Lossless
Format: Flac
Record Label: World Circuit
Year Released: 2001
Album Covers: Included
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Note From Dada!
Ώτα μου καλημέρα
Συνεχίζω με ένα παλιότερο αγαπημένο μου δισκάκι, με πρωταγωνιστή τον κοντραμπασίστα των "Buena Vista Social Club", Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez. Κλασικός κουβανέζικος ήχος με κάποιες όμορφες νεωτεριστικές ενορχηστρωτικές πινελιές, στον μοναδικό προσωπικό δίσκο του Lopez, σε παραγωγή Nick Gold. Το "Cachaito" είναι ψευδόνυμο που του αποδόθηκε ως ο "νεότερος συνεχιστής" της μουσικής παράδοσης του θείου του "Israel Cachao Lopez", συνθέσεις του οποίου περιέχονται στο δίσκο ("Redencion" & "A Gozar El Tumbao"). Ξεχωρίζουν τα "Mis Dos Pequeρas", "Tumbanga" και το "Wahira" στο οποίο συμμετέχει και ο θρυλικός Ibrahim Ferrer.

Εκτός του Lopez στο κόντραμπάσο και την πολυμελή μπάντα, τα κομμάτια του δίσκου πλαισιώνουν οι Miguel "Anga" Diaz (Congas/Percusion), Amadito Valdes (Timpales), Carlos Gonzalez (Bongos), Alejandro Pichardo (Claves & Guiro), Bigga Morrison (Hammond Organ & Clavinet) και Manuel Galban (Electric Guitar).

Καλή ακρόαση!


About Orlando "Cachaito" López
Orlando "Cachaito" López (1933 – February 9, 2009) was a Cuban bassist, who has gained international attention especially since his involvement in the Buena Vista Social Club recordings. He was nicknamed Cachaito ("little Cachao") after his uncle, the famous bassist and innovator of mambo music Israel "Cachao" López.

Born in Havana on February 2, 1933, Orlando "Cachaito" López first got actively involved in music when he was only nine years old. By the age of eleven he was involved with an orchestra with his aunt. His early desire was to play the violin, but his Grandfather Pedro insisted he take up the double bass, as there had been a long tradition of bassists in the López family - legend has it that there are over 30 bassists in its lineage; a trend that they did not want stopped. He started learning the double bass on a cello, quickly moving onto a double bass when he was large enough. His musical career is said to have started when he was twelve, and at the age of 13, Cachaíto composed his first piece, a danzón called Isora Infantil. By the time he was 17 he replaced his uncle as the bassist with Arcano y sus Maravillas, a band that had been around since before Cachaito was born. He made such an impression on the group that he was asked to stay.

In the 1950s, he helped create the descarga style of music that is a mix between jazz-styled improvisation with Afro-Cuban rhythms, and by 1957 he was playing with the hugely popular Havana dance band, Orquesta Riverside. In the 1960s, he became a bassist with the National Symphony, and was also a key member of Irakere, a Cuban experimental band that combined pop, classical, Cuban folk, African and jazz influences.

He was also a member of the Buena Vista Social Club (appearing in Wim Wenders' documentary Buena Vista Social Club). After a career spanning some 60 years, Cachaito was still touring and recording (including playing bass as part of a Cuban touring group also featuring Guajiro Mirabal, Aguajé Ramos and Manuel Galbán), and many considered him to be one of the finest bassists in Cuba.

López died in a Cuban hospital on February 9, 2009, of complications from prostate surgery. He was 76.


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Rapidshare (Part 1) - (Part 2)
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Rapidshare (Part 1) - (Part 2)
Megaupload (Part 1) - (Part 2)
Rapidshare Extra Links (Part 1) - (Part 2)

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