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Ben Webster & Joe Zawinul - Soulmates

Rating: 5/10
Sound Quality: Lossless
Format: Flac
Record Label: Riverside
Year Released: 1963
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Ben Webster & Joe Zawinul - Soulmates

About Ben Webster
Benjamin Francis Webster (March 27, 1909 – September 20, 1973), a.k.a. "The Brute" or "Frog," was an influential American jazz tenor saxophonist. Webster, born in Kansas City, Missouri, was considered one of the three most important "swing tenors" along with Coleman Hawkins and Lester Young. Known affectionately as "The Brute", he had a tough, raspy, and brutal tone on stomps (with his own distinctive growls), yet on ballads he played with warmth and sentiment. Stylistically he was indebted to alto star Johnny Hodges, who, he said, taught him to play his instrument.

About Joe Zawinul
Josef Erich Zawinul (July 7, 1932 – September 11, 2007) was an Austrian-American jazz keyboardist and composer.

First coming to prominence with saxophonist Cannonball Adderley, Zawinul went on to play with trumpeter Miles Davis, and to become one of the creators of jazz fusion, an innovative musical genre that combined jazz with elements of rock and world music. Later, Zawinul co-founded the groups Weather Report and the world fusion music-oriented Zawinul Syndicate. Additionally, he made pioneering use of electric piano and synthesizers. Zawinul was named "Best Electric Keyboardist" 28 times by the readers of Down Beat magazine.

Several artists have honored Zawinul with songs, notably Brian Eno's instrumental "Zawinul/Lava", John McLaughlin's instrumental "Jozy", Warren Cuccurullo's "Hey Zawinul", Bob Baldwin's "Joe Zawinul", Chucho Valdés's "Zawinul's Mambo", Biréli Lagrène's instrumental "Josef" and Toninho Horta's instrumental "Balada para Zawinul". Zawinul's playing style is often dominated by quirky melodic improvisations — both bebop, ethnic and pop sounding — combined with sparse but rhythmic playing of big-band sounding chords or bass lines. In Weather Report, he often employed a vocoder as well as pre-recorded sounds played (i.e. filtered and transposed) through a synthesizer, creating a very distinctive synthesis of jazz harmonics and "noise" ("using all the sounds the world generates").


BtU said...

Η επιστροφή...

Radiodada said...

Καλημέρα και καλή εβδομάδα φίλε μου.
Μάλιστα... σου την πέσανε όπως είδα ε?
Αλλά φυσικά δεν μασάμε και συνεχίζουμε ακάθεκτοι. Έβγε!
Λοιπόν θα έρθω κι από "τα φρέσκα τα λημέρια σου" για να τα πούμε καθώς έχω αρκετές σκέψεις επί αυτού του θεματος.

Καλή συνέχεια σε ότι κάνεις και καλή επανεκκίνηση.

Stay tuned!

Radiodada said...

αααα ξέχασα... φυσικά το link στο blogroll είναι οκ... ;)

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

The links are not working Dada, would you please reupload? Thank you in advance!

Radiodada said...

Hello my friend.
Links Re-uploaded
Hope u enjoy!

Stay tuned!

Empke said...

Thanks from Brazil!
You're the Best.

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