Wednesday, November 21, 2012


George Jackson - Don't Count Me Out | The Fame Recordings Vol. 1

Rating: 5/10
Sound Quality: Lossless
Format: Flac
Record Label: Kent
Year Released: 2011
Album Covers: Included
Pass: radiodada
Links: Click Here -->

Links (Part 1)-(Part 2)

Note From Dada!
Κι επειδή ξέχασα να αναφέρω από που "ντύθηκε" η Dada για το μήνα Νοέμβριο, το κάνω τώρα. To φόντο της σελίδας είναι φωτογραφία του Looper23 (εδώ η original φωτογραφία) και το header της σελίδας φτιάχτηκε με τη φωτογραφία του Booger Benson (εδώ η original φωτογραφία).

Σας φιλώ στο μόντεμ!


George Jackson - You Can't Make It No Better

George Jackson - Talking In Your Sleep


Moe said...

great stuff Thanks. If you have vol. 2 could you post it?

Bill said...

Thank you!

finvarra said...

Great artist -- thanks so much! I second the request for vol. 2...

Anonymous said...

Thanks - from Bluero

Unknown said...

Hi guys.
Thanks everybody for the comments and the support.
Unfortunately (for those who asked for it) I don't have vol.2. :(
Thanks again!

Stay tuned!

Max said...

YO YO YO, Many thanks
Pure soul, peace...

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite artists and I thank you for sharing. Your work is always very much appreciated.


Unknown said...

Hi Max!
Glad to see you here again ;)

Hello my friend.
My pleasure!

Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Please Dada,
Could it be possible a re-up?
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

u have vol. 3 also?

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