Friday, March 29, 2013


Don Adams - Watts Happening

Rating: 7/10
Sound Quality: Lossless
Format: Flac
Record Label: Edition Modern (Original), Sonorama (Reissue)
Year Released: 1969 (Original), 2012 (Reissue)
Album Covers: Included
Pass: radiodada
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Don Adams - Rest My Soul

Don Adams - Yesterday Hero

Don Adams - That Feeling Is Gone


Szymon Jaworski said...

Another archaeological gem from Sonorama team!. Many thanks for this album and your hard work. Maybe in time also Big Jullien & His All Stars "Riviera Sound No.1" can be re-uploaded?

Anonymous said...

A BIG thank for sharing this gem of an album! Your post are top notch quality and your hard work is very, very much appreciated.

Radiodada said...

Szymon Jaworski
Hello my friend!
Thank you for your kind words.
I 'll reupload Big Julien's album as soon as possible.
Stay tuned!

Hi there!
Thanks for your comment!
It's much appreciated too! :)
Stay tuned.

Alexander Schmidt said...

Could you please re up this blast from the past, Dada? I need it for a podcast on Funk made in Germany. You seem to be the only blog who got this gem. Evaristo! Check out my music blog

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