Thursday, November 28, 2013


Kenny Dorham - 'Round About Midnight At The Cafe Bohemia

Rating: 6/10
Sound Quality: Lossless
Format: Flac
Record Label: Blue Note
Year Released: 1956
Album Covers: Included
Pass: radiodada
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Kenny Dorham - 'Round About Midnight


Fallen Angel said...

Εξαιρετικό !!!

Unknown said...

On MP3, please...!!!!!
Thank you very much.
Best regards,


Unknown said...

Fallen Angel
Γεια σου Fallen Angel.
Χαίρομαι που σου άρεσε.
Ιδιαίτερα η εκτέλεση του "Μονκικού" 'Round About Midnight είναι μία από τις καλύτερες κατά τη γνώμη μου.
Να σαι καλά
Καλή συνέχεια

Lala García
Hello my friend.
Sorry the files are ripped & uploaded only in flac format.
Try to find a converter.
Total Audio Converter is one good solution.
Thank you for your comment.
Stay tuned!

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